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Great show!

Josh is very knowledgeable, and his show is always interesting. It’s great that there are Christians like him out there speaking the truth.

An interesting perspective and good to hear

I always appreciate listening to different perspectives and I was especially drawn to the last episode of 2020. It is so easy to get caught up with the negatives that we glaze over the positives completely. Thanks for putting out those reminders. So difficult to get this point of view in media thes…

Always waiting to hear more.

This podcast provides a great non-biased opinion from a Christian point of view. The guests are always entertaining and interesting to learn about. Through their live posts on Facebook, you can tell that the host, Josh Mahler, is engaged with his viewers and listeners. I’m always waiting to hear wh…

Great show!

Great podcast to listen to. Definitely a go to if you want to some food for thought and facts!


I hate labels. There is no such thing as an absolute. The two party system is outlived it’s usefulness. Democrats and Republicans are their party first then they are Americans. I wish I was intelligent enough to offer solutions. Well, I have one idea, vote everyone out. Term limits. Start all over …

Love this show!

Good content and excited to see what they do next!

Great Show

Good outlook from a christian POV on current events. Good source of accurate honest and straightforward news.