Feb. 20, 2021

Ep 33 - And The People Say...

Ep 33 - And The People Say...

A tribute to the greatest talk show host followed by an alarming poll done by ABC News.

We kick off the show with a tribute to Rush Limbaugh, the GOAT of radio talk shows of all time. Rush is getting attacks, even on the day of his death, from many on the left that were afraid of him and how much influence he had. A poll from ABC News shows 56% of Americans that were surveyed believe that there was enough evidence to convict Trump of incitement. This is alarming to know that people want to convict a man for saying that we need to “fight like hell”, but don’t hold the same standard to Democrats that use the same exact words many times previously. Stop trusting mainstream media. In fact, don’t trust anyone. 

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