Jan. 30, 2021

Ep 27 - President Biden's Pursuit For Peace & Unity

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Ep 27 - President Biden's Pursuit For Peace & Unity
Hello, everybody, this is Josh Mahler and welcome back to politically insane. I know it's been a little while I appreciate everybody's patience with me as I went through a little bit of a long period there, I don't know, it feels pretty long. I know, it's been a couple of weeks since I last released an episode. But I was kind of getting everything switched over to the new Podcast Network, the independent Podcast Network, go ahead and check them out, and getting everything officially switched over there. And on top of that just been really busy had a hard time finding finding any kind of time to sit down and record an episode, there's been a lot that I've missed, hopefully, I can kind of go back and try to catch up on some of some of what we've missed together on this show. But uh, today, I really want to be talking about, you know, just something that with something big that we've missed is that we now officially have a new president. It is official, President Biden has now been inaugurated as of January 20. He was inaugurated. And he is now our president of the United States, whether you want to consider that a legitimate or legitimate that's that's up to you. And ultimately, I think it's more or less our own interpretations on how we view the election process. I really think that's that's what we have to look at as of right now. Because we don't exactly have true evidence in front of us. We don't have proof in front of us to tell us one way or another because a lot of these things did not go through the courts and the proper procedures. I think there was a lot that didn't get looked at that should have been looked at. Ultimately, as I've stated in the past, I think it was a lack of effort. I think that there just was a lack of effort in the amount of time that that it needed to be done. We see a lot of Republicans standing up now, which is great. We love to see the republicans standing up and fighting for justice. But they're standing up now whenever they don't have the power that they had just a few months ago. And this, this is kind of sickening to see that. But, you know, ultimately, what it takes right now is for us as conservatives to really fight back. And I mean that figuratively I don't mean that literally. So don't try to impeach me. I'm not even president, but apparently, I can still be impeached. But we do need to fight back figuratively, to fight back for our country, we need to stand up and let our voices be heard. And when I'll say this exactly how Trump did, even though it might get me in trouble. I think we do need to stand up and do this peacefully and patriotically. I know that might give me a peach that might get me thrown off the air, I don't really care. I do think that we need to fight back for our country. Hopefully, I don't get punished for that. But I think that's that's important for us as conservatives to understand we need to stand up where where we can and really fight for true unity. And try try your best to find unity. But you have to also understand that if somebody is so far left, such as many in our government, people such as AOC, or Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, you know, there's there's many others, of course, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, are in that same boat. But these these progressives that are so far left, there is no common ground with them. They want to press for us to be eliminated. They want to get rid of us. And they will do whatever measures they can. And we'll get into that in another episode. Exactly what they are doing to to truly silence and get rid of our voices. That's why we need to make sure that we get our voices out there and be heard before we are removed. But, you know, the great thing with President Biden and Kamala Harris in office is that they are going to be pursuing for peace for unity. They want love and sunshine and rainbows across the land of the United States. That's, that's what they want us to believe anyways, so let's go ahead and take that for what it's worth. But
one thing that's really been standing out to me, and I'm sure many of you are seeing the same thing, I feel like every day I am getting an I don't think I'm over exaggerating that every day. I feel like I'm getting a notification saying that President Biden is signing a new executive order that this is kind of crazy. You know, and when I was thinking about this, I thought, you know, I remember back in 2017, I was thinking that President Trump signed a lot of executive orders in his first eight days as well. Comparing to as of today is when I'm when I'm recording, this is January 28. It's President Biden's eight day in an office. his administration has been there for eight days. So, you know, I feel like Trump's signed a lot of he signed quite a few in his first week in office as well. sign a lot of executive orders but When I looked it up and realized, see, I've got conflicting reports, and the the number that I'm sticking with is, Biden's has Biden has signed 24 executive orders I've heard between like 24 and 32. But I'm sticking with 24 executive orders that have been signed. But, uh, Trump only signed six in his first eight days. So I was, I was wrong. I my first thought that, you know, trying to give Biden a little bit of leeway there. But, uh, yeah, Trump only signed six, I want to start off by going through those first, first going through those six that Trump signed. And for us to understand the executive orders that he put in place, just so we can kind of compare and see what these executive orders are like. And I'm not going to go through all 24 to 32. Whatever numbers is truly correct, I'm pretty sure it's 24. But I'm not going to go through all of the executive orders that Biden has put into order. But I am going to go through some very important ones, there's some very important ones that I'm going to have to leave out just for time sake, I don't want this to go too crazy long. But let's go ahead and dive into Trump's first eight days in an office, his executive orders that he signed, we're gonna start off with number one, minimizing the economic burden of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, pending repeal. This is directing the agencies to really try to hinder parts of what we know as Obamacare, that they really entail financial burdens and begin to transition the repeal of that law. So they want to kind of transition out of Obamacare, Trump's big thing on his campaign. For a while anyways, on his campaign, I know at least 2017 or so whenever he or not 2017, around 2015. Whenever he started his campaign somewhere in that that timeframe. He mentioned that he wanted to get rid of the Obamacare act that he thought it was horrible that there was a lot of financial burdens on our country. And many of us as conservatives agreed with this. We we supported him in this this issue. We wanted him to get rid of Obamacare, because it really is not very good. hits, it's really kind of horrible. We're going to kind of read this, it's part of part of this article, it's this executive order came on Trump's campaign pledges to repeal the Patient Protection. Well, really, I'm just gonna call it Obamacare, and occurred just hours before he was sworn into office. Trump stated that sorting out a replacement will take a long time and the replacement may not be ready until 2018. Following the several failed efforts by Congress to pass an alternative to Obamacare. Trump issued another executive order in 2017, the executive order to promote healthcare choice and competition. What this was that that Trump put into place in October 2017. This was really to kind of promote a exactly what it sounds like health care choice and competition. So what this was is that our healthcare providers had a, a competition between each other. And it really struck up a lot more businesses are really good for these businesses, it was really good for our country, because we're not paying for other people's health care. We're not just giving that away for free. This was really good. This is something that also struck up a lot of business for these health care provider providers. This was something very good on of course, something that Biden is planning to repeal, he's trying to get rid of that executive order number two that we're going to go through is called x. See here, yeah, expediting environmental reviews, and approvals for high priority infrastructure projects. This really,
really kind of directed the agencies to expedite the approval of infrastructure projects. So this was really it to get down to the boiling and boiling point of it. This was to permit the construction of the Keystone XL, the Dakota Access Pipeline. This really stipulated that all new pipelines in the United States must be constructed using the materials and equipment produced in the United States. This was this was huge. It's big for our economy, very good for our economy. And, of course, with this being so great for our economy. What does President Biden do in his first day in office, January 20 2021, he revokes this executive order of expediting the environmental reviews and approvals of high priority infrastructure projects. So that Keystone XL, that Dakota Access Pipeline, it was revoked it was it was taken down. This is something that that Biden is doing away with, this is horrible, and it takes away a lot of jobs in our country. This is pretty bad for our economy, not a great start to to peace and unity, something that's that's not just upsetting conservatives, it's upsetting. Some of those who supported Biden and even those some of these bigger, bigger companies. That endorsed him. It's It's upsetting them as well. So that's something that kind of keep an eye on. Not a very good start. Number three executive orders for former President Trump, I'm going to try to keep it to that. It's still kind of an awkward stage. So I apologize if I say President Trump, even though I don't think that's technically wrong to still call him President Trump because he was president, maybe kind of calling it in past tense, but I think just improper etiquette. I think I'm supposed to call him former President Trump. Plus, there's probably some that will get mad at me for calling him President Trump. If I do so. So President Biden, former President Trump, I want to say Vice President Biden because he was Vice President, but a former Vice President, but anyways, Executive Order Number three, border security and immigration enforcement improvements. Of course, we all know what this is. This was the construction of the wall. build the wall, Trump stated in 2015, in his speech that he was going to have the US build a wall, and he stated that he will have Mexico pay for that wall. The Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, he stated that country would never pay for a wall, the Trump administration, they were seeking for $18 billion in funding. This was a lot of money to build this wall. This was a lot of time, a lot of resources, a lot of work to put into building this wall. In late 2017, the Homeland Security, they paid about $3 million for the construction of eight prototypes near San Diego, and local taxpayers spent about $2.3 million in security. November 2017, the SW SWF construction won an $18 billion contract to replace an existing two mile wall. And that was in Southern California. The construction began on February 2018, for that.
And as of this kind of just the timeline of some things that went on with this wall, because many people, they don't realize that that wall was being built, they don't realize that that wall is huge. That was the wall if you see real pictures of it, I tried searching for a picture of it. And it's kind of miraculous, they they hide a lot of the real pictures of that it's kind of strange, isn't it. But a lot of what you what you'll see is what we'll talk about here in just a moment. But uh, as of March 2019, the US Customs and Border Protection confirmed that even though they began began replacement, fencing, no new walls had yet been built. This is what you see a lot of pictures of, is where they tore down some of the replacement fencing. But they didn't quite have any new walls built. This is a lot of the pictures that you'll find on the internet if you try searching for this, but I, I don't have a good resource to find good pictures. There's pictures of small sections of it, but they don't really do it justice. If you have time, go ahead, go take a trip down and check it out. It really is amazing. It's crazy. What what they built, I didn't expect it to be a fortress wall. It really is amazing. But as of October 2019 15 construction sites were either being planned or were underway of construction along the southern US border. And this was really to get construction going on various different parts of these, these new and replacement border barriers. So this was huge. This this wall was was under construction, it was going well. And as of July 4, the length of the border that was completed was 216 miles and 450 miles by the end of Trump's term. So this this wall is very, very well built. It's not all the way across the border yet. That was something that Trump was hoping to have done by the end of his his administration but a lot of a lot of holdups along the way from several different people and different organizations, things of that nature. But uh, you know, this, this wall it was being built it is it's very, very good. And what we have to understand about this wall, people want to say that that building the wall was racist, it was racist against Mexicans has nothing to do with Mexicans and Latinos, Latinas. I think tanks is what we're supposed to call them. Now, whatever people that are from Mexico, it is not to stop people from immigrating into America or visiting America or anything of that nature. What this wall was to do was to stop illegal criminals, people that are literally criminals, violent people, people dealing with narcotics, and dealing with with illegal guns. You know, this is a lot of bad Things that was coming across this border that Trump wanted to put a stop to. And since strengthening not only the wall, but also border security, getting more men down on the border to try to secure our border, this had lowered our crime rate down in Southern California along that southern border. substantially, it was it was huge. So for anyone saying that this wall wouldn't work, it has worked so far. And it's, it's a great thing for our country to protect our country. Of course, this is something that I didn't do any research on this, but I know that I had heard that Biden was planning to stop the construction. I'm pretty sure he had already got the construction stopped. Don't Don't fact check me there. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure he's got that stopped. And I plant I'm pretty sure he has some plans for that wall in the future. I hope he doesn't try taking it down. Because I think that's a huge waste of money, and time and resources. But, you know, anyways, Executive Order Number Four for former President Trump was called enhancing public safety and the interior of the United States. This was really to disqualify sanctuary jurisdictions and sanctuary cities, from federal federal grants. November 21, of 2017, section nine, a of the executive order was declared unconstitutional. And it was also issued a nationwide permanent injunction against the implementation.
The Executive Order was also rescinded by President Joe Biden on January 20. So what this was, was that it, Trump put this in a place to disqualify sanctuary cities, sanctuary jurisdictions, from federal grants, they weren't being given grants for these sanctuary cities. This is really good. We don't, we don't want these sanctuary cities, we do not want them funded. The sanctuary cities are not good. What it is, is that if you are an illegal refugee, you were an illegal immigrant, you can be in this country and be in sanctuary, you're safe. You You are now living in this country without contributing to help build this country, which, therefore you are kind of tearing down our economy. And also without being registered, and we have no idea who you are in this country. You You could be a dangerous person, and we have no record of you being in our country. Being in these sanctuary cities, that's that's what this entails. This is horrible. And this is something that we should not want. In our country, we should not want these sanctuary cities. It's bad. But President Biden wants these sanctuary cities, and he's going to allow these sanctuary jurisdictions in cities to have federal grants now they're not disqualified anymore. So that's kind of big and bad for our country to to give them these federal grants. Executive Order Number five, for former President Trump protecting the nation from foreign terrorists entry into the United States, this is exactly what it sounds like it's trying to protect from foreign terrorists entering into our country. It was to suspend the US refugee admissions program for 120 days. And it was to restrict admissions of citizens from several seven different countries for 90 days, order orders, a list of countries for entry restrictions after 90 days, and suspends admission from Syrian refugees indefinitely. And it also was to prioritize the refugee claims by individuals from minority religions on the basis of religious based persecution. And this was to expedite a biometric tracking system. So what this this was, was to take into factor the, the people that you know, the nations and the religions that were associated with, you know, these terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda or ISIS, and it was supposed to really put restrictions on them so that we know who they are kind of get a better background from them. And from some of them to keep them from entering into our country, we do not, refugees are not a good thing. Overall, when we when we start allowing a huge number of refugees into our country, and especially when you allow huge numbers of refugees, without any kind of documentation without any understanding of who they are or what their background is, and what this was, is it really protected our nation from from foreign terrorists coming into this country because a lot of these these nations and these religious groups that were coming in, they are well known and have many, you know, have a lot of traceability Back to these terrorist groups. On January 20, first day in office, President Joe Biden revoked this executive order and its related programs. So this, this is bad, and we're seeing him revoke quite a few more things, and probably more to come.
The sixth one, I won't really get into it too much, you take it for what it's worth. But the sixth executive order that Trump put into place was the executive order on ethics commitments by executive branch appointment appointees. So this was really the direct executive branch employees on a ban on lobbying any government official for two years, and the agency they worked for, for five years. It also prevented them from ever lobbying the US on behalf of a foreign government or foreign political parties. And later on, at the end of his, his presidency, Trump revoked this order. And this was ultimately just to allow his administration officials to really immediately begin working as lobbyists. So this was something that that I guess he was trying to protect himself on. That's, that's when you can kind of do your own research in on kind of see some good and bad from that executive order. Or ultimately, it was taken away at the end by Trump himself. So it was kind of silly for him to have ever put that into place, I guess. But, uh, anyways, so that's, that's the six only six that that Trump put into place. And, you know, that's overall very good things that he did for our country. And a lot of those revoked, a lot of those taken down, and we're gonna see a lot more of this, from Biden and Kamala Harris, we're gonna see a lot of Trump's orders a lot of Trump's good policies taken out of our country. That's, that's definitely not going to be good for all of this unity and peace. But now let's go into Biden's first eight days in office and see his executive orders. Like I said, I'm not going to go through all of them. But we're just going to go to the ones that really stand out to me. And there's a few, like I said that that are that really do stand out. But I don't want to go into too much detail on these. But I really want to read parts of these sections, to really give give you an understanding of what really how silly a lot of these sound. But executive order number one that we're going to go through is called advancing racial equity and support for undeserved communities through the federal government. And this is how all of these executive orders always start off by authority vested in me as president by the constitution and laws of the United States of America. It is hereby ordered. Listen up, everybody. President Biden is now in office. He has the power. And this is what he orders. Executive Order. We're going to go ahead and go through this, again is called advancing racial equity and support for undeserved communities through the federal government. section one policy, equal opportunity is bedrock of American democracy. And our diversity is one of our country's greatest strengths. But for too many the American Dream remains out of reach entrenched disparities in our laws and public policies. And republican private institutions have often denied that equal opportunity to individuals and communities. Our country faces converging economic health and climate crises that have exposed and exacerbated inequities. iniquities. Well historical is a historic movement for justice has highlighted the unbearable human costs of systemic racism. Our nation deserves an ambitious whole of government equity agenda that matches the scale of opportunities and challenges that we face. That's the first paragraph there. Let's see here. Yeah, you you pretty much get the gist of where this was going. Kind of kind of skipped down through the other two paragraphs here. Just to kind of you know what, I'm gonna read the second paragraph cuz I think this is pretty important. It says it is therefore the policy of my administration, Joe Biden's administration, that the federal government should pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all, including people of color and others who have been historically undeserved, marginalized and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality. Further affirmatively, advancing equity, civil rights, racial justice, and equal opportunity is a responsible of the whole of our government. Because advancing equity requires systemic approach to embedding fairness and decision making processes executive departments and agencies must recognize and work to redress it inequities in their policies and programs that serve as barriers to equal opportunity. So what we're saying is systemic racism is big in our country. systemic racism is horrible.
It really is horrible. I'm not not gonna downplay that. But it is just silly to say that we have systemic racism in our country today. I cannot find a single instance of that I can't find a single example of that other than systemic racism against whites and even even others in something called affirmative action. So, ultimately, I don't see where systemic racism is, I'm still waiting for that to be pointed out to me and a valid argument. But anyways, let's skip down to section two. This is pointing out definitions. For purposes of this order. A, the term equity means the consistent and systemic affair, just an impartial treatment of all individuals, including individuals who belong to undeserved communities that have been denied such treatments such as black, Latino, indigenous and Native American persons, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other persons of color. Members of religious minorities, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer, LGBTQ plus persons, persons with disabilities, persons who live in rural areas, persons otherwise adversely affected by persistent poverty or inequality. So first of all, members of religious minorities and then they go on to list lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. You Yeah, I don't think that falls under the line. If I'm reading this, right. Yeah, that, okay, okay. Yeah, there's a semicolon there. I didn't see that properly. I thought there was a colon. And it was listening to these as religious minorities. Okay, so it's taking this down, and it's listing people and it even says rural areas? Yeah, I just don't, I don't know where any of these people are treated unfairly by our system. Now, they may be treated poorly based on how they live their lives. Or maybe they were raised by some very some people that that really didn't give them very good direction. But by the definition of this equity, I don't agree with it, just because I don't see where this systemic injustice is, I don't see where that that is being taken place. And like I said, statistically, and historically, I can't find where this is the case, I have not had a case brought to my attention, where this systemic racism is happening. So if you know where it's happening, please tell me I want my eyes to be open to this, because I don't want to be this guy that that is looking at this and saying that our country's is pure. I know we have some, some things that we can improve. And I understand that in the history of the United States, we have had some horrible racism, and you know, so a vast majority of maybe not majority, but there's, there's a large population of people who are involved in these systemic, you know, systemically racist. And justices, you know, that were in our country, but that's pretty far back. And I can't think of any in the past 35 to 40 years, that would, you know, it'd be back before then that would really be systemic in our country. And what I mean, that is that it is our system. I'm not talking about individuals, I understand that there's individuals that are racist, and we should get rid of them. I am denouncing racism right now. We need to get rid of anyone who is racist in our system. But that that does not corrupt our entire system. Our system is our Constitution, which is for all Americans to have an equal opportunity to to be able to pursue happiness and pursue their dream to pursue pursue Liberty, and on let's go on to be the term undeserved communities, which I find,
maybe I'm looking at this wrong, but I find that kind of demeaning, you know, to call them undeserved communities. I don't understand the terminology here. But anyways, the term under undeserved communities refers to populations sharing particular characteristics, as well as geographic communities that have been systemically denied a full opportunity to participate in aspects of economic, social and civic life, as exemplified by the list and a proceeding definition of equity. So we have to treat black Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, gays, trans, pretty much anyone that falls into any of these categories of undeserved we have to treat all of them equally. I agree, we should treat them equally in our system. Even if you do fall under the category of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer, whatever you want to call yourself in in terms of gender or sexual orientation. I condemn your your lifestyle, and I I urge for you to turn away from from that horrible lifestyle you're living in. And if you're confused and don't understand, I truly do pray for you each and every day. I pray that that something be said or done to open your eyes to, to the sin that you're living in. But that that's not calling you out and attacking you, I promise, I still love you and I care for you. And I want you to be treated equally, I don't want you to be treated poorly because of this, because I truly think that a lot of this, you know, when you think of the LGBTQ plus movement, I think that this is a lot of confused people who, who really need support. And and I truly do pray for you that that you would get that support that you would turn away from what you're living in, because it is wrong. And I want you to understand that, but I don't want you to be treated poorly. And that's something that that i i do condemn Christians a lot for, and I promise I really do. I've condemned Christians to their face, I guess, maybe not to their face, as often I have I have condemned to their face, but not near as often as you know, back whenever I had Facebook, I definitely condemned Christians for treating people, you know, gays and lesbians, bisexual, whatever they wanted to put themselves in. I have condemned Christians for treating people with these these lifestyles poorly. We really shouldn't treat anyone poorly, we should treat everyone with love, whether we agree with them or disagree with them or think they're living in sin or not. It doesn't matter what their lifestyle is, we still need to love them and try to help guide them. And that's something that I do think that Christians have done a pretty bad job of, especially here and in today's society, but we do need to try to redirect them to the truth and understanding that the way that they're living their life is bad, but but we pray for them. We, we love them, we want them to turn our lives from the bad that they're they're living. But anyways, you know, so Joe Biden, he wants systemic racism to be ended, and that he orders that it be ended that we treat everybody equally, you didn't have to put anything in place for that, because that already happened. That's kind of what our Constitution does, that everyone has an equal chance of liberty, freedom. You know, that's whatever. A very pointless executive order put into place. Starting off with number one wasn't very good. Anyways, let's let's go on to this next one here. Preventing This one is called preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation. So again, By the authority vested in me as president in the constitution and laws, blah, blah, blah. I'm President Biden. And this is what I order this is section one policy, every person should be treated with respect and dignity, and should be able to live without fear, no matter who they are, or whom they love. Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom with the locker room or school sports, adults should be able to earn a living and pursue vocation knowing that they will not be fired, demoted or mistreated because of whom they go home to, or because of how they dress
does not conform to sex based stereotypes. People should be able to access health care and secure a roof over their heads without being subjected to sex discrimination, all persons should receive equal treatment under law, no matter their gender identity, or sex, sexual orientation, so kind of a bunch of stupidity. I, I don't know where children are living in fear because they can't go to a restaurant, or where they're being denied. Going to a restaurant, they're not being denied going to a restaurant, they're allowed to go in a restaurant. It's just that if they have certain genitalia, and I try to keep this PG as much as possible, but you know, if they have certain genitalia, they have to go into the men's bathroom. I guess one way that my dad always put it when we were younger, if, if you have a stem on the apple, you go into the men's restroom. And if you don't have a stamp on the apple, you go into the women's restroom. It's very simple to understand sexual orientation. I understand that there's confusion upon gender identity and all this but no one by law, there is no law that discriminates against these people. So now, boys can go into girls restrooms and locker rooms and join the girls sports teams, which I find pretty unfair when scientifically, you know, and this isn't talking about every man or every woman, but scientifically men are usually better in sports. That's why at the end in the NBA, you see a lot more dunking and a lot more. You know, really a lot more shoving around and they're able To be a little bit more physical, women wouldn't be able to most women, I'm not going to say all women, but most women wouldn't be able to play in the NBA with a lot of these huge guys that have crazy, you know, good talent, you don't see that same talent from the W NBA. That's why the W W, NBA doesn't get as much attention. I'm not trying to be sexist or misogynistic, you know, whatever you want to call that. I'm not trying to be that I'm just being realistic about it. You know, and there's, there's studies that you can look at that, that kind of show that I, ultimately I don't want boys going to women's restrooms or vice versa, I think that's wrong. This is this should not be allowed in, in schools, in public places. skipping the next, the next paragraph here, coming down to the paragraph below discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation manifests differently for different individuals. And it overlaps with other forms of prohibited discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of race or disability, for example, transgender black Americans face, unconscious of man, whatever. So now he's going on top of where, you know, all these, you know, whatever your sexual orientation is, or your gender identity, you're treated differently by law. And if you're black, you're and also fall under that category of a different sexual identity or sexual orientation or gender identity, then you're, you're discriminated against that even more, a lot of just dumb. This is another stupid executive order put into place now, boys, and even men can go into women's restrooms, vice versa, join whatever sports team you want, there is no men's basketball anymore. There is no women's basketball anymore. There's no men's sports and women's sports. It's all just the same. Going on it says requires all federal agencies to extend existing protections on the basis of sex to include sexual orientation, and gender identity among provisions of the order, it also mandates that the transgender child be allowed to use you know, locker rooms, I guess this is more of a summary of what's going on in this. So I'll skip that. But uh, yeah, so that that's pretty much it. And oh, yeah. And also the part of this that I'm reading through, I didn't even realize this first time I read through it. So I'm just now glancing through this and seeing that, although it doesn't mandate that all schools and states must follow the order. If they defy this order. The federal government can deny funding to that the states and schools that deny this so the federal government can deny funding to them for still keeping men's and women's sports and keeping boys out of the women's locker. So that's, that's cool. Great way for unity.
Another executive order that President Biden put into place was protecting the federal workforce and requiring masks wearing, you know, so requiring mask wearing on all federal lands in the federal buildings, all of that. Additionally, it also requires social distancing be maintained in all federal buildings. And of course, as Biden was putting this into place, he was standing on federal ground without a mask. So we're seeing that happen again. This is for the not for me. And also, his press secretary. I can't remember her name. It's an odd name. You know, many people like her just because, you know, she's a pretty woman. But she's not nearly as quick witted and prepared. And intelligent as Kaylee mcenaney. So, man, I just I loved watching her. I mean, yeah, she was, she was pretty woman to that. That's not what I loved watching him and she would destroy these reporters, Kaylee mcenaney did. Now that the press secretary that Biden has, and I apologize for not remembering her name. But you know, she also came out at a at a press conference shortly after this, this executive order was placed, and even being asked about about the the mask wearing executive order. And she also was on federal ground without a mask. So you know, just all kinds of all kinds of stuff being put into place that they don't have to follow. Another executive order that he put into place was enabling all qualified Americans to serve their country in uniform. I'll go ahead and read through this quick section one policy all Americans who are qualified to serve in the armed forces, the United States Armed Forces, should be able to serve all volunteer forces thrives when it's it is composed of diverse Americans who can meet the rigorous standards for military service and inclusive military strength, our national security. I agree. Everyone who is qualified to be in the armed forces should be able to serve if they want to volunteer to serve for our Country, I salute you, and I thank you for wanting to serve our great country. I truly do. I mean that sincerely. That's, that's not sarcasm, if it if it comes across that way. And anyways, I really do anyone who, who is qualified. But what this is talking about is that transgender people can now be in the military. Now, we understand that transgender, it's it is science, it is statistics. This is true. And this is not discriminating against anyone that is transgender, or just maybe maybe just not understanding of what their gender is. I think you need to go through simple biology class to understand that, but no, no, that's that that was rude. But, you know, anyone who is transgender can now be allowed in to the military is really what Biden is getting into, with this executive order called enabling all qualified Americans to serve their country in uniform transgenders do not meet the psychological testing, for reaching, you know, the standards for our military and in our armed forces. That is why they are not allowed into the armed forces, it has nothing to do with discriminating against them for their sexual orientation, or their gender identity, anything of that nature, it's not treating them differently. Because of that, it is treating them differently because of their psychological disorder. They are a man who thinks he is a woman, or vice versa. Also thinking of the medications that these people are on. I know, personally, I'm pretty pretty personally not super close, because I don't know. It's just odd to me. And it's, it's hard for me to, to engage in conversations with people that are like this, it's, it's probably wrong of me to feel that way. But I just feel uncomfortable about this situation. I'm trying to get past that. So I can engage. And I think it's more or less just the people that I have known that have become transgender, they, I think they kind of make it awkward, especially whenever they know my stance on the matter. And they know that I'm not going to judge them. And I hope everyone understands, I'm not judging you. I'm judging the actions that you've done, and I want you to realize that they're wrong in and I want you to realize that, that you do need help. And I'm not saying that demeaning, or anything, but
but I am saying that sincerely out of the bottom of my heart, because I urge you to find the wrong that you're doing. But anyways, you know, with these transgender people, they are on medication, there's, they're, they're on all kinds of anti depressants, even just all kinds of medications, that would really kind of prohibit them psychologically, to to meet the standards of our armed forces in America. So that's, that's why they're not allowed into our military upon other things, too, because I think some of their physical capabilities, and I'm not 100% positive on this, please fact check me if I'm wrong, but uh, I believe some of their physical capabilities are kind of taken away from them, whenever they're on all these hormone imbalances. It's not good for your health, we don't allow people with, you know, take a heart condition, for example, or someone with severe asthma, that might be a better, better example, because it's not quite as severe, in some cases as a heart condition. But someone with severe asthma is now allowed into the military, because of their physical capabilities. Just as someone who's transgender, you know, or you just think psychologically, if you're, if you're going through all these psychological issues, not even understanding your gender, then someone someone who has a psychological disorder is is not allowed in our, our military. So it's not discriminating against your sexual orientation or your anything like that. Has nothing to do with that. But what what this has to do with is really just a psychological evaluation. So we need to understand going on, really, that's all of them that are that are really took down. But But we do need to understand that there are some involving abortion, the supporting of abortion, there, look into these these executive orders. This is stuff that we need to talk out against. This is something that we need to be we need to be understanding of, especially when we think about in our public schools, thinking that that now boys can can go into the women's locker room, the little girls locker room, they can also be on their sports teams. There's there's a lot with that. That's horrible. And what I am urging people to do, I'm actually preparing. I'm not preparing to have kids. So Mom, Dad, if you're listening to this, I'm not preparing to have kids yet. But I am preparing a you know for when I do end up having kids I'm preparing to kind of have a good schooling situation set up for them. I'm have been doing some research because it's been on my mind lately. And it's also something I'm not just doing it for me, I want to do it for other people that I know that have kids, I know others, I know a lot of people that have homeschooled their kids and enjoy it, their kids enjoy it. And they're, they're incredibly intelligent kids. I can't think of any homeschool kids that that aren't just really intelligent. Other than myself, of course, I was homeschooled for three years, and I didn't I didn't turn out to be one of those. But maybe it's just because it was only three years. But anyways, you know, homeschooling is a great option. This is something that I'm really researching and trying to figure out how to help, you know, if I can, I'm trying to do this in my community. So if you're in my community, if you know what community that is, if you're in my community and, and want to talk with this, maybe you're not in my community, but you want to get on board with this, and you want to talk about trying to get this going. But uh, I we need to get kids out of these public schools, we cannot keep on sending our kids into these public schools, they're becoming corrupt. And with politicians like this, and place, it's horrible. And then we go into abortion and how we're not only supporting abortion in our own country, but we're supporting the killing of innocent child of an innocent child in other countries. Now, this is something that that President Biden is trying to put into place. And the sickening thing is that he knows that it's abortion, he knows that it's killing a child. He's Catholic, quote, unquote, he quotes he claims to be Catholic. That is against the Catholic religion, from my understanding. It's just it's sickening. But he he even dances around calling it abortion. This is where you know that he knows that it's wrong. But you know, just, we need to stand up conservatives, let's stand together. it you know, really, ultimately, if you want to reach out to me, if you want to come on the show, maybe you just want to talk to me in person and get some some ideas thrown my way. Maybe you're too shy to speak on air, that's fine. Maybe you're too shy to talk to me in person, that's fine, too. Email me, you can go to politically insane.us slash contact or
just go and email me at Josh Mahler at politically insane.us. You know, just reach out to me and, you know, if you have some good ideas of what we can do to really fight back and I mean that figuratively, but also kind of physically, just just in a sense of, you know, really, I guess it's all figured out. But you know, we do need to fight back, we need to stand our ground, we need to let our voices be heard. If you have any ideas or anything like that, you want to let your voice be heard on the show or anything like that you know, of someone who would be a great guest. please reach out, let me know, if you have some good ideas, you know, to help and to really spread the word. Please, please. Absolutely. Let me know. Like I said, you can you can get in contact with me pretty easily. I tried to make that that pretty well known exactly how to reach out to me and how to get in contact with me. But anyways, as always, as I always try to let you guys know, if you enjoy listening politically insane, make sure to like and follow us on. Really Twitter is the only one I just join gab. If you're on there, go ahead and follow us on there. Subscribe to our podcast on Apple, Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify pretty much anywhere you listen to podcasts. If you want to help out greatly give us a five star review on Apple podcasts. And if you want to support the program, please go to politically insane.us slash support and help support us but thank you very much for your support and until next time,