Jan. 12, 2021

Ep 26 - Chaos & Hypocrisy On Capitol Hill

Ep 26 - ChaosAndHypocrisy
Hey, everybody, this is Josh Mahler you were listening to politically insane. So most of us know by now what happened last Wednesday, January 6, at the Capitol, we all understand that there were riots, we all understand that. Hopefully, we can all come to the same agreement that the riots that happened were wrong. They were and we're going to dive into a lot of that today. I think this is something that we need to talk about. There's a lot more evidence that has been given to us that we can now look at and really examine this the correct way to understand what happened a little bit more in depth, we still don't have answers, there's still a lot of questions that I have. I don't understand what was going on there. I don't understand how security was not stronger than it was. There's truly a lot of questions that I have. I don't want to pretend that I have no questions. I don't want to pretend that I know it all, because I simply don't. But I do have more information today than I did a few days ago, when I recorded an episode about what happened at the Capitol. It was riots. It was wrong. It was a crime. I'm still sticking to that. That same standard. I don't care who it was, I don't care if it was all Trump supporters. I don't care if it was BLM supporters. I really don't care who it was the way that it went down was wrong. And the reason for this being is that it was not anything constitutional. People want to defend this and say that it was constitutional because they were overthrowing a tyranny of a government. But that is not what happened. What happened was a bunch of thugs, busted windows, and did a bunch of harm to our state or to our Federal Capital, to our nation's capital. That's what happened. This was no uprise of a militia to overthrow a tyranny, because from what I saw, and from what I've seen, still, there was nobody that went in armed. There was nobody that that went into, try to overthrow this government. This entire ordeal went down and was completely taken care of and cleaned up within the span of four to six hours, tops. So therefore, this was not an overthrowing of a tyranny, government, this was a riot. This was a crime. We're going to dive into a little bit of what more that happened. First of all, what we what we do know is that if you were paying attention to left, very far left, really just any kind of leftist media, if you were looking at CNN, or MSNBC, even Fox a little bit Fox has been back and forth since the election, and I don't understand what their take is anymore. I don't trust them. I don't trust anyone. But fox is definitely one I don't trust. I don't I don't take any of their stories to be true. It's just as simple as that. There are a few that I think are still trying to stick conservative, but I think that what's holding them back is the fact that they work for Fox, they have to listen to Fox. That's where their income comes from. Tucker Carlson, for example. I think he he tries to stick as conservative as he can. But I think he can't do that when he's working for Fox. I think he's kind of suppressed a little bit when working for Fox. But there was violence that went on what I had mentioned the other day as I thought maybe only a couple 100 had broken and that's because I saw a lot from the right wing media. And what the right wing media did is they downplayed a lot. They downplayed a lot of the violence that went on because they thought this was their their sense of overthrowing a tyranny of a government, which is wrong. It's false. It's that's not what happened last Wednesday. That's it's simply not. So the far left over exaggerated What happened? the far right wants to downplay what happened. So that's what I'm trying to give to you here is that, I want you to understand what happened. There were what I thought at first was a few 100, there was a few 1000 people that broke into the capital. This was bigger than what I expected it to be. This is bigger than what I thought it was. There were a few 1000 numbers that I've been hearing is between maybe 1500 to 2500. somewhere in that range. I don't know for sure what to expect by more pictures and videos that have been displayed. There was a lot of violence, and I'll be showing a video here in just a moment. So you can see a little bit of the violence that did go on.
There. The people that were there, they were fighting officers. They were climbing over walls to get into the building. They were breaking glass, and they were vandalizing This is why I think that this was wrong. This is why I think this was a crime. I'm not going to sit here and pretend that this was okay because it was Trump supporters and I'm not going to only condemn it because there was BLM anantha. I don't care who you are. Okay, when I called out BLM and antifa, I had explained in the past, go back and listen, and I'm sorry if I failed to mention this. But I know that I mentioned this in conversation at least. But if you can go back and listen to the recordings, I'm pretty sure that I mentioned that there were peaceful protesting in the BLM riots, there was pretty peaceful protesting. I'm not going to ignore that there was some good and it was I don't think I had ever mentioned this part. But there was probably a majority of people that wanted to do good with what happened with BLM and antifa. Now antifade, I don't think that BLM those who were supporting the statement, Black Lives Matter, I think that's where we find a lot of good that was trying to come out of that they were fighting for a cause that was false. It was a completely false narrative. I think there were a majority of people fighting for BLM that wanted good. And I think that there was a lot of peaceful protesting. It's just with their situation, you see, maybe a majority of what was going on, was truly just writing. It was it was crimes. So I'm calling out those who are doing crime, not those who were peaceful, peacefully protesting. There was a majority of people there at the Capitol that were peacefully protesting. They were peacefully rallying, which are first amendment calls for our First Amendment protects that. Now, we're going to hear something in a moment that some leftists are saying, you know, there's nothing that that says that it has to be peaceful. But our First Amendment does say that in protesting, it has to be peaceful. So let's, let's get that out there right now. So both both scenarios, so I'm not going to focus on BLM and antifa. And what they did destroying our country a whole lot right now, at least, because it's besides the fact I'm not going to play the the what if game? I think it's called What about Islam? I'm not going to be a part of that. And I just want us to understand that a lot of leftists are going to blame us for for playing What about us. And that's not what I'm trying to do at all. I don't care what BLM and antifa did. It was wrong. What Trump supporters did at the Capitol was wrong. And we'll get into a little bit more about who was actually there. But I'm going to go ahead and show some of that vandalism, some of that violence that went on. But first of all, I think I should have started off with this, I want to call out to all Americans, especially those who call yourself a Christian. Right now, the best thing that we can do for our country, is to pray for our country. I constantly pray for our country, I pray for our leaders. There's always corrupt leaders in control of our country. There is not it's sad to know that and it's sad to see that. But there is corruption in our politicians, and many of them. And I think we're leaning even further that way with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. So first of all, just please pray for our country, pray and pray for unity, pray for healing, I pray that something good can come out of this new administration, Joe Biden is going to be our new president, it is a completely official, there's not a whole lot that we can do right now at that at this point. It is pretty official that he is going to be our next president of the United States. So as much as I hate to say that we do need to embrace that, understand that understand what is to come, prepare for it. But also just just pray, maybe something good can be done with all of this that's been going on maybe some kind of unification can come from this. I don't have a whole lot of hope for that. But we can pray and just put it in God's hands. You have to truly believe that your prayers, you have to believe what you're praying for. And I believe that there can be unification there can be healing, if we pray about that, so please pray for it. But as that message is out there, here is a clip of the violence, the rioting, the crime that did happen at the Capitol last Wednesday.
So first of all, I want to give a huge shout out to the Guardian, The Guardian. And they are the ones that produce that video, you can go on YouTube and find that video as well. And they they go on a little further I cut it off there because I think that right there kind of shows as much as we really need to. If you go further in that video, you're going to hear a little bit more, if you were just listening to this, pay attention to what you heard in that video, you heard a lot of chaos going on, you heard a lot of banging and, and all of this. And so you kind of get the imagery of what was going on. And if you've seen any any kind of footage. Previously, you know what was going on there, there was a lot of violence, there was crime, there was rioting going on. But what we also have to look at is to listen, did you hear that the people that were screaming, stop the violence, stop the violence. This is the majority yelling right now. This is the majority yelling at the minority, telling them to stop the violence that they're committing. Do away with your violence. Get rid of it. That's what was going on. A majority of people were trying to be peaceful majority of people were trying to get their message heard without being violent. blms message, whatever it is, was there, you know, maybe BLM is fighting for something greater than what I've read from BLM. And from their activists, maybe. But their message, whatever their message was, it was completely masked by the violence. The same thing here, this rally that was supposed to be good, this rally was supposed to send a message that we are not we are we are fed up with these politicians that do not want to fight for our country. We are fed up with the disenfranchising of our democracy. We as Patriots are fed up with this this, this was the message that was supposed to get out there. This message was completely masked because of the violence that was shown. And I want those who were Trump supporters that were involved in this to realize that if you're able to even hear this before being, you know, sent to jail, and possibly prison for quite some time for the crimes that you committed, and rightfully so, for those who are rallying, I appreciate all of the good that you did by screaming and telling the people that were committing violence, to stop the violence, whoever it was that that voice that I could hear it in that clip. I appreciate you and trying to stop what you could. There's also other clips of people up close to the Capitol that were trying to break in. And there was other people saying they are with antifa, they were screaming antifa antifa antiva. They were they were trying to notify people that there was an Tifa members there. There was a majority trying to stop the violence and to keep this peaceful because the peaceful protest would have gotten our message across. And it would have also shown BLM this, this is how you can make a change without being violent. I don't I don't know if it would have made a change. But how can we sit here and say that? People don't listen, unless you're violent, but we never try. As a Christian, I've been battling this. And this is something I'm going to be studying and looking into and trying to figure out a clear answer. When do we provoke violence because I think there is a time where we have to say, Okay, this is time for war. This is a battle that I've been having in my in my personal life. In my mind, I don't know when that is, I don't know when to call for war. And I will not provoke violence. I will urge for Americans to peacefully do things we've been we've been complaining about the government telling us we have to wear masks yet we we we don't let our voices be heard. And we just put on the frickin mask. And we don't do anything about it. That ticks me off to no point to see people complain about these masks, but not do anything about it.
I wear a mask and public when I'm asked to buy a store because here in Ohio, it is a mandate that if you were not wearing a mask, they can find that that store and possibly shut that store down for a minimum of 24 hours. From what I understand that is still in place here in Ohio. So I am not going to put that store at risk because of my peaceful protesting. So I do carry a mask with me and I will I will put that mask on. If this store asks me to or someone with authority asked me to I am not going to be a sheep to the government. The government that is corrupt and is only doing this for a political gain. I'm not going to listen to the government. And that's what we need to do that is peaceful. There is no harm done in that. For those who want to say there's harm and no no no wearing a mask. You're ridiculous and that's a whole nother topic for another time. But the point being we need to start with with peaceful protesting. We can't do this when it's interrupted by violence and it's very Ridiculous. So thank you to the people who were calling that out. And if you watch that video, I believe there was a video, there was a part in that same clip that the Guardian put out that they were even screaming that Trump asked us to leave. So go on and listen to that look into two more videos like this, there was a majority that was trying to be peaceful and let our our message be heard, our message was not heard. And therefore nothing good ever at all came from any of this because of the violence. If there was any good that was going to come from January 6. It didn't happen because of the violence. I don't know how much good could have came, and those who are blaming pence. From what I understand pence did his job the way that he was supposed to the way that he was constitutionally his constitutional authority allowed him to I don't think pence did anything wrong. Could he have done more maybe that's something I have to hear more arguments, and I have to be shown more proof. But as of right now, from what I know, pence did his job. But there was no good that came out of that day, because of all the violence. I want everybody to understand that. We can't say that, that peaceful protesting doesn't work, and that they're not going to hear us if we never give it a try. And you can't change my mind on that. If we if we never try to stand up peacefully, then we can't say it doesn't work. Martin Luther King did a lot of good by peacefully protesting. He did not provoke violence. He spoke out against violence. Did you hear that? BLM and antifa he's be your your, your God that you want to worship? And I'm not. I'm not downplaying what Martin Luther King did. He did an amazing thing in America, he helped make a huge change. And and I'm not, you know, I'm not trying to criticize Martin Luther King at all. He was a great man that did some great things. Yes, he had, he did some bad things in his life too. But we have all fallen short of the glory of God, we've all sinned and fallen short the glory of God. So Martin Luther King, though he did some great things. And he did that all by peacefully protesting and speaking out against violence. So don't tell me that peacefully protesting, can't do anything. peaceful, protesting peaceful protesting, gets silenced by violence. We need to start with peacefully coming to the government and telling them what the Americans want and demanding for it. We also not threaten, but we warn them that if they don't listen to our voices, then we will act further. We don't threaten, we don't go out and act violent. That's not the Christian way. That's not the American way. But I've kind of gone on a little too much with it with all of that. But anyways, from from the footage that we just now saw from from what we know, there was a lot of there was a lot of violence. There was also a majority that were not acting violent. The majority of people there were doing good and peacefully protesting. Also notice that a lot were clearly Trump supporters based on what we can see, we have to understand that by the evidence shown just from from pure evidence that we can look and see, there were a lot of there were a lot of Trump supporters. Another fact that we do know there was no clear shot, there was no clear there was no clear reason to shoot Ashley Babbitt, the woman that died by being shot by one of the Capitol officers.
There was no clear shot towards her from what I see that entire situation doesn't make any sense to me. She should not have been in there. She should not have have broken into the Capitol. And it was wrong for her to do so my condolences to her family. She was a mother and a wife. And it is completely sad to know that she died from this. She should not have been shot. She She should still be alive today. This was a wrongful use of of their lethal force. And whoever it was whatever officer shot her should be punished. But I'm not I'm not condoning what she did. She did. She did break in and she did commit. She did commit a crime breaking into that building. She should not have been there. I am completely aggrieved by the fact that she is dead. And my condolences do go out to her family because she should not be dead. And I can understand their frustration and all of this, given that fact. But from what I can see, there was no clear shot I still don't understand what what the location was there. But there was also officers behind her. And I didn't I can't hear clearly on the videos that I that I saw the video I've seen, I can't hear exactly what's going on there if she's maybe resisting those officers, or anything like that, but I don't understand that situation. It was wrong for her to have been shot because she was unarmed. And there was no clear shot towards her from what I can see. So speaking out against that officer that wrongfully used this force there, say her name, actually about it. Who broke into the Capitol, this is something I'm going to dive into next. Just because from as I noted, from what we can see, there were Trump supporters, there were people that call themselves patriots that broke into the Capitol, that committed crime. that there were there were a number of Trump supporters that were involved in the violence as well. We can see this by some of what Elijah Schafer gave to us through His reports. Elijah Schafer is a reporter with blaze TV. So he does a lot of great work of we're actually going to look at a little bit of his work, actually, I think that was that was some of his work there, Elijah Schafer. That's what were the Guardian got some of that footage was from Elijah Schafer. But he he did capture that there were a lot of Trump supporters that were involved in this violence. But as we are finding out, there's a lot of BLM activists and, and Tifa members that were there. There was a lot of evidence kind of leading up to that. And the My first thought was, this is not like Trump supporters. We don't see violence from Trump supporters in any of his past rallies, except for when antiva and BLM come onto the scene. You don't see Trump supporters provoking violence, you don't see them starting violence. You just don't see that you can look back at all of the Trump rallies, that doesn't happen. They are they have been against violence through all of this. So that's that was just a head scratcher to me. And kind of a shock to a lot of patriots to see that Trump supporters were being involved in this violence. first thought that came to many of our minds was an Tifa. And BLM must have been behind this at some point, there must have been some BLM and an Tifa members that were there. There is clear evidence that they were there. There have been some BLM activists and T and Tifa members that were arrested, and they were identified. Congressman mo Brooks tweeted, so urge people not to jump to conclusions about who was there, and who broke into the Capitol who was part of these crimes. He tweeted, he stated in one of his tweets, please don't be like hashtag fake news media. Don't rush to judgment on assault on Capitol, wait for investigation. It may not be and likely is not what it appears. Evidence is growing fast that fascist and Tifa orchestrated capital attack with clever mob control tactics. There is evidence that that a lot of this did happen. It's not to put all the blame on an Tifa and BLM because like I said, there were Trump supporters that committed crime in these acts of violence. There were Trump supporters that were there we can see that and it's it's clear. Also something to note, one of the first things that that was kind of a shock and not not a shock. One of the first things that came out as a little bit of evidence towards an Tifa members being there, there was a group of three men that were that were showing up together in many pictures. One has this scraggly nasty looking long hair and this scraggly nasty looking beard and another one. I can't think of how to describe him but he was kind of a shorter man. And you know, he was wearing a pretty new
trump hat all this stuff but but one of them he clearly does have a hammer and icicle tattooed. I can't remember if it was on his forearm, his wrist his hand, but he does have this hammer and icicle on on his tattooed it was clear. And this is an Tifa tattoo. This is an Tifa symbol. So that that was something that kind of jumped out. And that was something that was shown in many pictures. These are are some of the guys that were there that are showing up in a lot of video and in a lot of pictures across social media and all of the mainstream media as well. But like I said, there is a lot of evidence. Congressman mo Brooks tweeted about this and also warned us not to jump to conclusions. He also tweeted and then in another tweet, he said Congress congressman told me that he was warned. On Tuesday, the day before all of this happened. He was warned on Tuesday by Capitol Police Officer than intelligence suggested fascist and Tifa was going to try to infiltrate the Trump rally by dressing like Trump supporters. So some of the officers there some of the Capitol officers knew that and Tifa was going to try to dress up like Trump supporters and try to come in. This is something that congressman mo Brooks if he is reliable, if he is somebody that we can trust. I don't I Take everything with a grain of salt. Take what I say with a grain of salt as well. I don't know how much congressman mo Brooks truly knew. I don't know how much he he's telling the truth. But there is clear evidence that we're finding there are people that are being arrested, that are part of BLM and antifa. One of the witnesses to Ashley Babbitt's death, admitted that he was not a Trump supporter. He admitted this, he admitted that he was only there to document the event. He was also one that broke in and committed a crime. Breaking into the Capitol. His name is john Sullivan. He's a BLM activist, a very well known BLM activist, he has a lot of supporters on Twitter and his other social media platforms. And the reason for him being so popular is he's also the founder of insurgency USA. For those who don't know who insurgency USA is just think of BLM little brother. They're just a copycat of BLM. That's all they are. I've looked up their, their website and all that they stand for. It's basically almost word for word copycat exactly of what BLM is. So I don't understand why have different branches, I suppose it's it's kind of the same as don't tread on me group along with maybe like three percenters along with proud boys. So, you know, maybe maybe that's kind of the idea that they have here is we're all BLM, but kind of going in on this kind of how we're all patriots but kind of going out on this group, you know, spreading out all these different groups. Maybe that's it. But john Sullivan, he is a BLM activist. He is the founder of insurgents, USA, insurgency USA, like I said, a Marxist group that ultimately wants to overthrow a systemically racist system, that that you know, this systemically racist, I put quotations on that for those who are just listening. But there's systemic racism racist country that we live in. It's a false narrative. On January 1, he urged his buddies at BLM to show up and make sure to be there they needed numbers on January 6, he Sullivan john Sullivan, this this BLM activist and founder of insurgents, USA, he tweeted on January 1, we need numbers to show up. No fascist and DC, march against fascism spread the word comrades, hashtag f Trump hashtag antifa. This is what he tweeted. And like I said, he has a very big following because he's For one, the founder of one of the bigger BLM branches. And he's also a BLM activist, a very well known BLM activist scene and many of BLM riots, BLM crimes that they've committed in this past year. This is just ridiculous that we that we see evidence like this, there was also a report and I can't remember the man's name. I should have put that down in my notes. But I just found this either yesterday or today of another BLM activist that was arrested for being a part of these riots that were going on at the Capitol on January 6, but john Sullivan, he was arrested in July for writing and also for making threats of violence. So he was arrested for being violent. He was arrested for being in these riots that BLM and an Tifa had going on.
There's also footage of him telling his buddies at BLM to rip Trump out of office and to start a revolution. He said in one of these videos, repeat after me, speaking to the crowd, it's time for revolution. And I think this is one of their slogans with insurgency USA, I think this is something that he tries getting trending is it's time for revolution. We don't know who was involved in crimes committed, but we do know quite a bit of who was involved. And in Tifa knew that if they got that got these Trump supporters riled up, that they could get them to commit these crimes with them. They knew this. So were they the start of it? We don't know yet. And I'm not going to accuse that I'm still accusing those who committed crimes, I don't care who you were, I don't care who told you to join them. You shouldn't have committed this crime. This This was not overthrowing of a tyranny government, not from what evidence we see, because you didn't do a good job of it. It was it was a horrible job, and you didn't get that other, you know, several 100,000 behind you to join in. So this was a horrible attempt. Now I understand there was there was bombs that were you know, IEDs that they were saying that they found on site. I don't know if that's true. I still haven't seen any true evidence leaning towards that. So I'm kind of questioning all of that evidence given so far. But and also who planted these if they are true if there really were bombs who planted them because now we know that an Tifa who is known for planting things like this and fireworks and all of this other violence Who who really planted this? I want to know. And there's a lot of questions to this. Also looking at all of the videos, how did they bargain so easily? I don't understand this. But whose fault was it for breaking in. Ultimately, if you take my stance it was whoever broke into the Capitol, whoever committed all of these crimes. Whoever rioted in went on with everything that happened. They are the ones to blame. They are the ones to look at and to see that they did wrong. But mainstream media wants to blame Trump. It's his fault. He provoked and condone to this violence. He, he started the fire, he got him riled up, he got him going, he told them to march right down there to the Capitol, and he knew what they were going to do he, he told them to go right down there so they could break in and commit this act of violence. You know, all of this nonsense that they're telling me. But my, my question is, if this is the case, show me the proof. Show me where he provoked this. I understand the argument that he maybe stoke the fire a little bit more than he should have, I get that. But you have to understand he's frustrated. And he knows that those who were there in the rally, were frustrated. He also told his those who were at the rally to be to remain peaceful. He also spoke out immediately can condemning the violence and saying remain peaceful. And he also said to go home, because it was no no longer worth being there. We've, we have acts of violence that are going on. For those who are acting violent, go home, for those who are outside, just go home, this is the best way to solve this. Let's get this over with right now. This took away from our message. That's the message that I got from Trump, and I didn't see anything, please show me where he said that this was okay. Please show me where he condoned this violence where he encouraged this violence. Here's a video and this is what I'm talking about. When I say quite the opposite.
I would like to begin by addressing the haters attack on the United States Capitol, like all of them are outraged by violence.
He's outraged by the violence and mayhem
cause he deployed the National Guard and federal law enforcement to secure expel the intruders. Please explain to me is it must always the only nation of law and order. The demonstrators who infiltrated the Capitol, have defiled the seat of American democracy. To those who engage in the acts of violence and destruction. You do not represent our country, and to those who broke the law, you will pay we have just had through an intense election
schoening demand emotions
are high. But now tempers must be cooled and calm. We start, we must get on with the business of America. My campaign vigorously pursued every legal avenue to contest the election results. My only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote. And so doing I was fighting to defend American democracy. I continue to strongly believe that we must reform our election laws to verify the identity and eligibility of all voters and to ensure faith and confidence in all future elections. Now, Congress has certified the results and new administration will be inaugurated on January 20. My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power. This moment calls for healing and reconciliation. 2020 has been a challenging time for our people. A menacing pandemic has upended the lives of our citizens, isolated millions in their homes, damaged our economy and claimed countless lives. Defeating this pandemic and rebuilding the greatest economy on earth will require all of us working together. It will require a renewed emphasis on the Civic values of patriotism, faith, charity, community and family. We must revitalize the sacred bonds of love and loyalty that binds us together as one national family, to the citizens of our country serving as your president has been the honor of my lifetime. And to all of my wonderful supporters. I know you are disappointed. But I also want you to know that our incredible journey is only just beginning. Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.
So like I've been saying, Please show me where he could don't the violence. This video, by the way, was extremely hard for me to find without it being completely cut and edited. So it was the other videos that he released. I think he had at least one, if not two other videos where he was condemning and telling them to go home. He was condemning all the violence. He called is a a heinous act, that it was crime, it was lawlessness. And he says that those who were acting in all of this crime will pay. And he's saying the same thing that he said to BLM and antipa supporters, those who were who were a part of the crimes that BLM and antifa committed, he's saying the same message now that he did back then they hated his message back then when he when he condemned it, now they're hating it, even when it's his own supporters. Give me a break. Show me proof where he can Don't do this. You're just lying to the American people is what you're doing mainstream media. And anyone spreading this message that Trump wanted this to happen? There's zero evidence, there's zero proof for that. So please get out of my face with them. I'm tired of it, I really am. It becomes so difficult to stay calm in times like this, because we have people that are completely twisting in, disregarding what our president said about all the violence going on. And they totally lie about what he's actually saying. Please show me the evidence where he said that he wants that all of this to happen. It's completely ridiculous. The Democrats and those who are on the far left, they are also speaking out against the violence, which kudos to you, because you're finally speaking out against violence, which we're gonna get into a little bit of that. But we see many of these democrats calling these attacks domestic terrorists, and they're using domestic terrorists, because that's what we called their buddies at BLM and antifa for the past six, seven, about six or seven months, right. So that's, that's what we've been calling them because they are, and now they're calling these people which I can't blame you domestic terrorists, fits the description a little bit. I don't know how far I would go to say terrorists, because yes, it did terrorize. So I can allow it. But like I said, this was such a petty act that only lasted a few hours. Blm lasted for six or seven months, they completely overthrew entire blocks, in Portland, Chaz, chop, whatever you want to call, it took over an entire year, several city blocks. And they were holding people at gunpoint and threatening business owners to give them money that that's terrorism. And they were doing far more they were burning down our cities. That's terrorism. What happened there, I don't consider that terrorism. Although I suppose you can make a case for it. So I will allow it. I just think it's funny that you're using the same words that we described your buddies that BLM and antifa that you called us wrong. For using those words. Some leftists are saying that this was the worst thing since Pearl Harbor. Really. And USA Today has an article saying that though this was far less deadly. It can be compared to Pearl Harbor and even 911. They're gonna compare this to Pearl Harbor and 911. This, this is absolutely ridiculous. Wake up. This This was not as much a OC came out in a statement to one of the ABC networks explaining that her and all of the the people of the house half of the house could have been killed in this act. You're ridiculous. Like I said, there's no proof of any kind of weapons that were used. Yes, they say that they found IEDs. I'll give you that. But I mean, the IEDs didn't go off. So that's kind of a head scratcher to me. If you're gonna plant a bomb and destroy these people. Why didn't you set it off? It's kind of kind of a head scratcher to me. Like I said, I'll be open minded to that maybe there was bombs found but to say that half the house could have been killed. Wake up a OC. You're ridiculous. here's here's a video with the dems. You know, the Democrats, they did condemn this violence, as you know, they should have but they also should have done this for the past six, seven months.
Donald J. Trump called for the insurrection against the United
States of America.
He talked about al Qaeda, what has he done in terms of incitement, right? But a sama bin Laden didn't do
each of these people should be shamed, and they're gonna go back, you know, to the Olive Garden and to their the Holiday Inn that they're staying at the way that we in the media
speak about this is so important today
was terrorists.
We call them terrorists, terrorists, domestic terroristic terrorists,
domestic terrorists.
These people are not Americans.
McCarthy was on Fox calling this unAmerican Marco Rubio,
I don't know there's a lot of empty rhetoric. There's a lot of empty concern, Holly, I should say all people have the nerve to condemn the violence that we saw today.
Josh Holley
should resign ignominy Ted Cruz as well. But honestly mitch mcconnell to Shame on them, Shame on those senators. They sided with them. sec terrorists yesterday. And we won't forget
it, it's in no way absolves them of the sin and the sins that they and the President had committed against this country.
Donald Trump Jr, Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump are not arrested today for insurrection and taken to jail and books, it
was encouraged by our republican colleagues. And that is why every single one of them, especially because they have been the ones trying to steal this election, that's why we are calling for them to be removed, but
then it crops up.
Alright, I'm gonna cut it off there, because for one, it's kind of going on. I know, I've been showing a lot of clips. But this is stuff that you guys need to hear. This is stuff you guys need to see, because we need to understand the hypocrisy that's going on in our government. And also, just all over mainstream media, we need to understand that I cut that one off a little early too, because I believe there is some cursing towards the end, dropping the F bomb, and I don't condone that on my show. So just just looking at this. And by the way, a huge shout out to gray Bian. I don't think I gave him credit for for that video in the beginning. So shout out to gradient. I'm not sure who the editor at gradient is. Put that that clip together and also the next clip that we're going to be going through, but huge shout out to gravy and go check them out on YouTube, but they still have this up. They have a lot of really cool videos that they put together, they put together clips like this to to help us see some of the hypocrisy. But if you listen to that video and hear what they're saying that for the most part, they're there right and condemning the violence, you know, this, this was horrible, this is a bad thing, but to over exaggerate the way that they are is kind of ridiculous. And especially the fact that many of these people are the same people that we're condoning and worshipping BLM anantha for the violence and in the heinous crimes that they put against our nation for much longer than what this lasted. They lasted for several months, whereas this only lasted for a few hours. So I'm not I'm not downplaying what happened in DC, it was horrible. It should be talked against, it should be something that that we look at and say that this was a crime, this was wrong, the way that it happened. It should have happened much differently. And it is something that I believe that we should speak out against but coming from these people, it is annoying, and we'll get to a little bit of about that in just a minute. But it's just frustrating to hear them then call out people like Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Jr. and really Giuliani. All of these these republicans, Josh, Holly being one of them. They're saying that these people provoked this violence, these people encouraged the violence, this insurrection, as they call it, they encouraged this. They never encouraged violence. They completely talked against it for the past six months when BLM and antifa were doing this. So where did they did they encourage this? They explained to the American people where our our election had gone wrong. Like I said, in my past episode, I'm questioning what went on during our election process, only because I feel that there had to have been some sort of lack of lack of effort on Trump's team. But I blame that on Trump's team for for not pressing harder efforts. One example that I'll bring out, and I'm not saying everybody on Trump's team, I'm saying those who failed to do their duties. Sidney Powell said that she was going to release that cracking. But for one, she never gave out her evidence beforehand, which is understandable, because you want to keep that for the the courtroom. But when she gave out her evidence, it was all denied in the courtroom, supposedly. And we never heard her evidence after. So I'm kind of questioning if she ever had evidence. And if she did have any evidence that she may be hold it back. Was there a lack of effort by Trump's team? And I'm not blaming them for that. I'm not saying that. That's the case. That's what's there's a lot of questions going through my mind. I don't understand a lot of this. I mentioned numbers beforehand. And previous episodes that the numbers don't add up. I don't understand what went on with our election. But all they were they were doing Josh Holly, Ted Cruz, really Giuliani and Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. All of these these republicans, they were not condoning violence, they were not provoking violence. They were not saying go be violent. If anything, they spoke out against this the entire time through BLM antifa and even up leading to this event, telling their their supporters to stay calm and just keep it civil. They didn't want this. They didn't want the violence that happened. They spoke out against the violence when it did happen. To say that they deserve to be thrown in jail for insurrection. You're You're out of your mind and you're just you're ticking, ticking And many other patriots off when you start acting like you care about a kind of violence that happens in this nation, you don't care about any of it, you don't, because you completely condone it. And the previous months, they loved BLM and antifa for all of the insurrection and terrorism that they brought upon our nation burning cities down. But they didn't say the same things to them. And here's proof for that. And again, shout out to gradient for putting this clip together. I want to be clear and how I characterize it, this is mostly a protest.
It is not. It is not generally speaking, unruly,
that in a riot. What we're seeing right now in Minneapolis is they are strictly principled anti fascists. And they've taken a principled stand to stand against white supremacists and white nationalists, wherever they may show up.
I argue to you tonight, all punches are not equal.
Morally, it says it right in the name and Tifa anti fascism which is what they were they're fighting Listen, there's, you know, no organization is perfect. There was some violence,
any reasonable person would say we shouldn't be destroying other people's property, but these are not reasonable times.
Thank goodness for the looters, man.
And please show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite.
The first amendment
I don't care much about statues.
Should that be done by a commission
or the city council? Not a mob in the middle of the night for me to
do what they do you see
behind me is one of multiple locations that have been burning in Kenosha,
do not get it twisted, and think that oh, this is some something that has not never happened before. And then this is so terrible, and where are we and these savages and all of that. This is how this country was started.
People get mad, and people get sick of it. People are risking COVID to explain to this country that we're fed up, most
of the major movements in American history have started at the grassroots level and at some point, have turned into direct conflict with American government. So remember your history before you judge your present sluggishness wherever it comes from politically, and when we should be the first to call it out.
I would disagree.
Go ahead and disagree. All you want, I really don't care. Oh, goodness, is sluggishness and we should call it out. And where Cuomo wants to keep on saying this. He said this a few times. And other leftists keep on saying this is that? Where do we see that that protests are supposed to be peaceful, our First Amendment, that's where we see that they're supposed to be peaceful. And if they're not, it is a crime. So they can they can talk up and praise all of this that's going on. Notice in the first one, if you were watching. Notice how there was literal fires in the background. And they're saying that this is mostly peaceful, or mostly peaceful, protesting, mostly peaceful. Wildfires are burning in the background. And he says, I want to be careful how I put this Yeah, you want to be careful how you put this because you don't want to upset your buddies at BLM. You want to keep your job. You're too afraid of telling the American people the news, you're too afraid of reporting. I'm fed up with it. I'm fed up with the mainstream media and I'm done supporting them in any any way. There's no reason why any of us as Americans should be supporting these idiots. CNN being one of the worst. All mainstream media is horrible. And they don't report. They don't they don't give us facts. They give us how they feel about the situation and they give us leftist ideology. That's what they give us. And I'm fed up with it. I'm not getting any support to them. I'm I'm talking them down any chance that I possibly can. I don't care who hears this. They didn't talk about all this. They didn't treat the Trump supporters the same way because they didn't know that there was it was actually their buddies that BLM and antifa that was doing all of these these riots did they? Maybe Maybe they'll change their mind whenever they find out that these antifa and BLM people were were being shown up and arrested for being parts of these violent these these riots in DC maybe they'll change your minds. It wouldn't surprise me one day. They want to pretend like what BLM and antifa did was okay but this wasn't I'm all for you condemning it and it should be condemned but don't condemn this and be buddy buddy with BLM and antifa for what they did which was far worse and and sense of magnitude. And how much they did. Don't be buddy buddy with them. Of course, our new soon to be president whenever he is officially inaugurated. Joe Biden had to come out and condemn this violence to which is probably the right thing for him to do come out and condemn this violence. Though like I'm saying he, he didn't view BLM violence the same. He's on par with the rest of these democrats and far leftists. But he did come out and condemn all of this, which is annoying, and we'll get into that. But here's, here's some clips that I put together from the day of and then the day after. And really let me start off by saying this, what he said in the in the beginning and these first few clips, and I had to kind of edit them only only to make them shorter because there was a lot of rambling on and stumbling over his words, as old senile Joe is known for. But really, just to kind of get to the gist of what happened in those first two, this The second part is from the day after all this happened, but the first part, he condemns violence, and overall, pretty accurate. I can't agree I can't disagree with most of what he said there. But like I said, it's a messenger. Let's go ahead and take a look at that
is about to see inconvenience. I'm sorry for the reason. We've delayed a delay coming out to speak to you. I initially was going to talk about economy.
But all of you, all of you been watching what I've been watching this our our democracy is under unprecedented assault. unlike anything we've seen in modern times, let me be very clear.
The scenes of chaos in the Capitol, do not reflect a true America do not represent who we are overseen are a small number of extremists dedicated to the lawlessness. This is not to send his disorder stormed the Capitol, to smash windows to occupy offices, the floor of the United States Senate rummaging through desks, on the Capitol on the House of Representatives, threatening the safety of duly elected officials. It's not a protest, insurrection. Justice is blind. What we saw yesterday, in plain view was another violation of the fundamental tenets of this nation. Not only do we see the failure to protect one of the three branches of our government, we also saw a clear failure to carry out Equal Justice should be used to say in the senate excuse a point of personal privilege. little over an hour and a half after the chaos started, I got a text from my granddaughter fitting in my new senior in her last semester. at University of Pennsylvania. She sent me a photo of military people in full military gear, scores of them lining the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Because a protest by Black Lives Matter should pop. This isn't fair. No one can tell me that I've had been a group of Black Lives Matter protests yesterday. There wouldn't have been they wouldn't have been treated very, very differently. And the mob of thugs stormed the Capitol.
You know what, Joe, you're right. They would have been treated very differently. Because they wouldn't have been shot and killed like Ashley Babbitt was. Don't pretend like we are so stupid to have forgotten the past six months, Joe, don't forget, don't think that we're so dumb that we can't look back at what happened the past six months and see how much you and all of the other leftists on your side. We're all in favor of what your buddies at BLM and antiva did. You guys can donate it, you guys. If you want to blame anybody for encouraging violence and saying the violence is okay. You can blame yourselves. I blame you Joe Biden. I blame you you Kamala Harris. I blame you, CNN. All of you. All of you at on the left. Who said that all of this was okay. In the past. You are who I blame for encouraging violence for saying that violence is okay. In our country. You're going to put the blame on Trump, though he talked out against violence all of this past year and and stuck to his same principles. Whenever this happened whenever it was his supporters. You Blame Trump all you want. But I blame you. I blame you, Joe Biden, I blame you, Kamala Harris, you are our new leaders coming up. You are our new soon to be leaders and I blame you. I blame you for all of the violence and the terrorism that you condoned and worshiped. I blame you. Yeah, BLM. And antifa people would have been treated differently, Joe, they would have been allowed much more, and it would have gone on much longer, it wouldn't have been cleaned up within four to six hours, it wouldn't have been, it would have been shut down, there would have been security ready to go at the doors. And they would have just let them on by. There are pictures and videos of police officers kneeling with these domestic terrorists that you call BLM and antifa. These holy people that you worship, there are pictures and videos of police officers kneeling when they were screaming to get rid of their jobs, to defund them. That's how they were treated. They held hands and skipped down the streets and burn the city with them. That's how BLM was treated. There'll be lm through fireworks and other projectiles shooting lasers burning police officers eyes. They overtook a courthouse in Portland and a precinct in Portland and and others across the nation. They burned down entire cities. And you can donate you worshiped it. Your buddies on the left, they said to bring on more. And whenever the people on the right bring on more, it's condemned. It's not okay. I'm tired of your hypocrisy. I'm speaking out against the violence on the right just as much as I spoke out against the violence on the left. But as far as the people on the left, I'm speaking out and coming even more harshly at you, Joe Biden. Because I'm fed up with your, your hypocrisy. I am fed up with your trnc your tyranny being tyrants in the office, all of you Democrats. And now there are a few, very few democrats out there. But they are very hard to come by. For those who are good and want good and peace in this country, you need to stand up against your fellow Democrats and point out the wrong that they're doing. For the republicans that say that they're on our side, you need to stand up for us. We stood up for you for four months on end. patriots, it's it's time for us to take a stand. And I'm not provoking violence. I'm not provoking for us to go out and do what BLM and antifa did. I'm saying that we need to take a stand.
Now, if violence comes to our front door, that's where we need to respond. Ultimately, what I'm saying for patriots to do right now is we need to pray. First and foremost, we need to pray that God can heal our nation and that he can also give us the answer of what we need to do. Because like I said, this is something I'm struggling with. And hopefully I can come out with this an answer soon for what I think needs to happen. But as of right now I'm saying pray. And we need to be ready. Prepare yourselves because this nation is not going to heal itself. We need to fight for our country and we need to fight for our rights. Our freedom of speech is being taken away from us and we have liars sitting in higher offices right now. There's so much hypocrisy, and it's very frustrating. There's so much against us and it's very frustrating. But ultimately, it really doesn't matter. We just we need to to stand up. I just want to remind everybody that if you enjoy listening to politically insane, make sure to like and follow us on Twitter and parler. Right now those are the only two they're open, deleted Facebook completely. But really switching over to parlour if it opens back up, hopefully that can open back up. I support those at Port. Hopefully we'll have other social media platforms you can follow us as well as subscribe to our podcast on Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, pretty much anywhere you can listen to podcast, and please give us a five star review on Apple podcasts to give us the most important thank you and until next time