Jan. 7, 2021

Ep 25 - A Nation Against Itself Cannot Stand

Ep 25 - A Nation Against Itself Cannot Stand
Hey, everybody, this is Josh Mahler and you are listening to politically insane. So, of course, something that happened. It was just yesterday, Wednesday, January 6, not yesterday as of when this will be published. But January 6, the Congress was supposed to get together, senators and congressmen were supposed to get together and count the electoral votes. And there was a lot of madness that went on. And that's what we're really going to be talking about today. I think that this is something that I really want to get my voice out there on, inform the people that do listen to the show, just because this is something that when when this happened, it was all chaos. And there's also a lot of maybe false narrative stories out there that I want you to know, really what went on, you can fact check me all you want, I'm fine with that. But it's just there's a lot of stories, there's a lot of opinions going on. And I just really want to express that to everyone. So what went on yesterday is, like I said, Senate and Congress were supposed to get together, they were supposed to count the electoral votes. And what many people on the right assumed would happen is that Mike Pence would be able to basically deny any of these these electoral votes because of fraudulent activity happening in the States. Now, this is not in his power is not in his jurisdiction from the Constitution. So for those who wanted him to do more, it was just wrong. He can't do that. This was not in his power. He put out a letter shortly before this meeting explaining this explaining that he had studied the constitution to see because he did want to make sure that the Americans got a fair election. He I think he genuinely genuinely did want that for American, I really do. I think that's something that he had in mind when going through this whole process, but he just did not have the power to do so. And from my understanding, from what I've researched, from what I've heard, from what I've looked at myself, trying to find out what he could actually do, he could only bring it to the senators through to the congressman to the to whoever was in that room, the Congress and Senate, they were able to dispute the electoral votes based on anything that would have been, for example, if they knew about something fraudulent going on, then they were able to explain that they would go into a session. And they would then vote whether this is something that needs needs to be relooked at. But it is not under Mike Pence has jurisdiction to overturn this election, the way that many thought, and I don't have a good explanation of of that, I apologize. I should have put down more notes explaining that the process that he was supposed to go through. But ultimately, this is what it boils down to, is that he simply counts the votes with those in the room. They count the electoral votes. There was not much that could be done yesterday. So as all of this was going on, just before all of this went on this, that that session started at 1pm. Eastern time. And before that, hours before that, there had been protesting, which was absolutely peaceful. It started off very peaceful. It started off as a bunch of Trump protesters. I heard many different numbers. I really don't know how many were there. I don't know how you would tell how many were there. But there were definitely hundreds of 1000s. If you watched any live streams of what was going on with all those rallies, it was absolutely hundreds of 1000s I my, my guess would be somewhere between 300 to 400,000 people minimum. It was a lot of people. So they all had this rally and a park near the White House. And they were going to march up the street to
the Capitol. And so Trump came out before the March he came out to speak, I believe right around noon, he came out to speak to the people that were there for him. He explained that he thought there was a I mean, he he knows that there was a lot of fraudulent activity that went on with the election. He told them that he appreciates his support. He understands where they're coming from because he sees the same things. He thinks that it's silly that things have been overlooked. Now, what I'm looking at and what I'm coming to realization with, is that everything that went on, I believe that there was fraudulent activity that went on with this election. I just posted a few days ago on parler, explaining that I don't understand the numbers themselves, the numbers that I've looked up, it really brings us to when you look at the number of votes that were cast in total, between Trump and Biden. And then you look at how many registered voters there are in America. That number alone stands out to me a lot. And it's one that I don't know how to look past. And maybe the numbers that I looked at were wrong. But it's the same numbers that fox, CNN MSNBC are giving us the same, the same numbers that they give us for, for registered voters. And then looking at those same networks, those same websites with these mainstream media platforms that are giving us the numbers of the election, those those same sources give us very similar numbers across the board. Now, between between the different data networks, you might get a little bit different enough of a number, but it really wasn't a big amount, you know, might have been a couple 1000, here and there between all of the the media networks, but overall, they were very similar, very close to each other. And so I looked this up, and it's a crazy amount over over 30 million extra voters or a 30 million extra votes, then there was voters. So the numbers didn't add up to me. That was that's the biggest thing in my mind that I can't wrap my mind around. If the numbers that were given are true, then Then why did all this happen? So with all that said, I've brought out my my opinion on all the evidence that's been shown to me anyways, where I stand now, after this election is over, it is finally over. Joe Biden is to be named our next president of the United States. After looking at it all, I'm starting to question how much fraudulent activity really went on. Not in a sense that I think that there really wasn't widespread voter fraud. But something had to have been done within the courts. Now, I don't know whether to look at the courts and say that they were just neglecting to see the evidence as that was given to them. And they were just rejected any of the truth that was given to them. That is a very good possibility. Or maybe the evidence that was given to them was not enough to prove their point. Maybe it was not enough to prove that the election should have been swung the other way. I really don't know, I don't know who to believe. I don't know when to believe them. You know, that's, that's the issue that we run into is that I ultimately don't know where to stand on all of this. I feel that if there was as much voter fraud, as many of us believe that there really was, I feel like there would have been something to have at least prolong this process longer than it was, which was already too long. I just don't understand how as much voter fraud is being said it was done. And this still goes through. So I don't know what to believe. Honestly, I think that there's a lot that we don't know, I think there's a lot that we don't understand, because we just don't know. There's there's so much more to it. And I think for us, as Americans, we need to look at this process and and see that, yes, it is very possible that this election was stolen. It is a possibility. Because we as Americans have not been told anything. That's what frustrates me. But it's also a possibility that maybe we can trust that the courts looked at this and realized that it wasn't enough to overturn the election.
I really don't know what to tell you on that. I have high suspicion, very high suspicion that this election did not go the way that it was supposed to based on our Constitution. There are states like Georgia and Pennsylvania that violated their state constitutions and the way that they voted. But we don't blame this on anyone or anything other than those who used the Coronavirus against our nation. That's really what it all boils down to. Without this mass, mass mail in ballot mail in voting without those mass mail and voting. I think that we can take a lot of these question marks out of the equation. I think that we can look at most of this and realize that without all of these mail and ballots that really have no true verification process to them. We probably have a better election. We have a more honest election. That's what we can look back on. That's what we can blame is how our government treated the Coronavirus. That's what it all boils down to. And what I mean by that is that we we over exaggerated the Coronavirus, extremely healthy people should not be locked out of their homes, Healthy People should not be restricted from living their lives. Healthy People should not have their businesses shut down. That's that's just the reality of it. I think there's a lot behind that. But when we look at everything that happened yesterday, so I kind of got on a rant there about what Donald Trump was, was saying. So anyways, the events that that happened for those who may or may not know, which, if you don't know, and then why are you living under a rock, you really need to wake up. And, you know, I don't think you've even had a turn on your TV to have known what, what happened yesterday. But with all these rallies going on, it was peaceful. It was Trump supporters going out and showing support for Trump and they wanted to stop the a steal of an election as they were calling it. I agree, I think there was enough that we could find to overturn this election. But it just wasn't, it wasn't given. Either. It was a lack of effort by those who were in on Trump's team, or, I don't know, I really don't know what to tell you that that's the only thing I can think of is that it was just a lack of effort. If there really was, it was it was either that there was a lack of effort or there wasn't enough to overturn the election, we have to come to that realization. It was one of the two. Because I don't think that our nation is that corrupt, to completely look past as much evidence as they had. I just don't see that happening in America. But I could be wrong. Ultimately, what happened yesterday was, Trump got in front of these people told them that he's going to march with them, he didn't, he went back to the White House, maybe he meant in spirit, that that's very well possible, I'm not gonna take that away from him, maybe he meant meant that he's going to be there in spirit, he really probably can't be there physically with them to march down there. You know, just from a security standpoint, you're the president of the United States, you're not supposed to be in groups of people like that. And you also have some foreign governments that are trying to kill you right now. So it's probably not allowed for him to be out among all those people. But these people, these protesters, these those who were part of this rally, it was peaceful, they went up peacefully the entire way. The one thing that you can see that that you, you know, it is peaceful, is that they if you look at the difference between these rallies, and BLM rallies, you don't see destruction behind you don't see any kind of trash left left behind. It was simply a group of people walking up to the Capitol, they went up to Capitol Hill, and they went up there and they were supposed to that what was organized was to go out into as Donald Trump said, cheer on those republicans that are going to stand strong and fight for this election. It was more or less just make noise. Let them let them know that you're here. You let them know that your message is that we want a fair election, that they should not walk out of that building without giving us fair results and whatever capacity that comes in. And that that was that was the organized, organized plan was to go there. Simply protest and let your voice be heard. And that that's really all they were supposed to have done.
Now there were a very small few there really wasn't. The media is making this out to seem like 1000s of people all just barged into the Capitol. That's not the case. I don't know how many were involved in the crimes that happened yesterday. But it was a very small majority of very small minority of the people there. There were some that ended up busting into the capital. Some that busted through the windows on the doors on the front of the Capitol building is what I understand. They busted in. I don't understand that the the timeline of events here. This is all there is. There are a lot of questions for me. throughout this entire process. I don't understand exactly what happened. I can't tell you that I do because it's just simple. I don't I don't understand how police were so far away. When they were called to the scene that it took them as long as it did. I don't understand that because this is a very highly protected building. This is an event that's going on in there with many Many people who have their own security, which we'll talk about here in a minute, but you know, there really wasn't a whole lot of security to stop them, it seemed like they got in pretty easily, it seemed like this breach was kind of allowed. I'm not saying that it was it just doesn't make sense to me that that this highly protected building with highly protected people in it on a day that many were saying was going to be something to watch out for these trumpers are going to come in and, you know, they might try to overthrow us with lethal force or something like that, that that was that was a, an idea that was going around, especially with those on the left. So with this breach, as they called it, we see a few Trump supporters, it is what it seems to be. Now I know that there's there's some theories that that this was antifa, breaking in that antiva had organized a group of their their people to go in, and really kind of disrupt this rally this rally that was supposed to be peaceful. It's possible and that was my first thought was man, I really hope this wasn't just antifa. And the media is going to make it out to be all Trump. But here's the evidence. Here's what we know for a fact. They were chanting Trump. They had Trump flags. They were wearing mogga hats. They had Trump gear. I want to believe that it wasn't Trump supporters breaking in. But guess what, the truth that we have in front of us is that it was we do not have proof that it was others. Now I know that there's some some pictures showing antifa leaders that were part of BLM and antiva riots that, you know, we can put them side by side. Yes, they're very compelling, but it's all conspiracy at this point. So that's not something I'm going to going to get into. I just simply don't know. I I want to believe that that Trump supporters were not this stupid. I want to believe that that they had their head on their shoulders. And they they didn't commit crime yesterday. But from what we know, that didn't happen. From what we know, this was Trump's supporters that busted into this building. So as they were in there, all of the all of the government officials were escorted out they were from what I understand they were all safely escorted out of the building. And they were all safe in this entire process. But these, these riders, these evangelizers broken from what I know, and like I said, I don't have all the facts yet. But these are the facts that I do know, from what I know from videos from from pictures. I have not seen any of these writers with any kind of what democrats want to call assault weapons. I have I had not seen them with any really any kind of lethal force on them at all. It's not to say that there wasn't because if they weren't Trump supporters is very possible that they did not I'm not gonna put that past them. I just didn't see anything of that. It seemed that they just busted in. They just wanted to say, Trump won this election and let that message be heard if that was what what was supposed to be heard, I don't know. But here's the motive that we do know so far, we really don't know the motive behind it because they weren't clear on it. Here's the motive that we get from what they did. were upset that Trump lost this election, we're upset that you didn't change it.
Even though there was a lack of effort to get it changed, that that's what their message was. So we are going to vandalize a federal building. Because we don't like how you handle this. That's what happened yesterday. It was it was a disgrace to our country. It was a disgrace to all of those who went there for the right reasons. It was just it was a disgrace to them. And what we're seeing from some on the right is, well, their message was to get across that they are overthrowing tyranny. We need to understand that this is absolute tyranny that there was voter fraud. And we're not going to stand for this anymore. Well, if that's the case, this was unorganized. They did not overthrow anything they did not accomplish anything except for getting a woman killed. I know for sure that one woman was killed her name I believe was Ashley Babbitt. She was killed because of this. That's what they accomplished. That's the only thing that they accomplished was losing a life of a 14 year veteran of the Air Force. A woman that served her country, supported her President wanted to go there for protesting, and I don't know what she was doing inside the building. And I don't understand exactly where it is that she got shot. location in the building. I don't know what location she was in when she was shot, but that's what they accomplished. should she have been in the building? If that's the case? No, she should not have been, she should not have been participating in any any of these crimes. Although she was not armed, she was not committing any kind of violence. There was police right there near her I, I saw the video, I didn't listen to the video. So I don't know what was being said between her and the police anything of that sort. But all I know is that she got shot through a door that there was not a clear vision. The person that shot her should be punished for that. I think this was wrong. For for her to be for her to have been shot. It really is. I don't understand what went on there. All I know is that this is all they accomplished. From what I understand there was several that were wounded. There were several that were injured. And ultimately, they caused complete madness. And they terrorized not just those that were in the building. They terrorized a lot of people throughout the country. A lot of people were worried that something bigger would come of this. But guess what if if their intentions were to overthrow a tyranny, that they were practicing their constitutional given rights to overthrow a tyranny of a government. They didn't accomplish that. They did not make that message clear. I do not think that was their intention. I think their intention was to go in there scream Trump worship Trump as a god. And guess what, this all lasted less than a few hours. If they were going in there for the intentions to overthrow, overthrow a tyranny of a government. For one, their message would have been loud and clear. For two, they would not have given up as easy as they did. Three, it would have been much more organized than it was. And on top of that, they would have forced their message across to us. It's just a fact if this was an overthrowing of of a tyranny govern government, we would have understood what they were doing in there, we would have seen this last a lot longer than it did. So they did not go in there for any good reason. They went in there for evil intentions, they went in there for a good picture to be on the news. Whatever it was, it was not good. This was a crime. Now to get into what some of the democrats are, are mentioning about this. A lot of the democrats are saying they're blaming it. First of all, they're blaming Trump for everything that happened. They're blaming Trump for all of the riots that happened. That is insane. I don't think you can blame him because he tried to get a message out which Twitter and Facebook really blocked. He tried to get a message out that said, Stop, go home. They wanted to block it. They didn't want to listen to him. It was it was nonsense. What they did. But Trump
has preached against violence preached against writing for really the last four years, but he's definitely preached against that. Through this past year through 2020. I, I just I don't understand how you can look at what happened and blame Trump. Now, here's what I do blame Trump for I blame Trump for stirring the pot. I blame Trump for maybe causing a little bit more fire than maybe should have been been stoked, you know, maybe he stoked that fire a little too much. He he did keep on saying things that like, we're not going to let this happen to our country. He said things that that really got people's mindsets, and yeah, we're not going to stand for this. And he needs to be careful of how he's approaching things. And that's something that really especially people on the left. I think all of us Those who are like minded with me have have really called Trump out for this, to explain to him that the way he comes across is wrong sometimes and he needs to realize that. But ultimately, you cannot blame Trump for the the the evil that was done the crime that was committed, because it just simply was not his fault. Could he have maybe helped the situation a little bit better? By not stoking that fire? Yes, he could have could have maybe said more. To help that situation beforehand? Yes, he probably could have. But it is not his fault. his supporters got out of hand. And they went in and they committed crime. Now for those who are on the left the democrats that it's very frustrating to hear them condemn this, because just a few months back, and several months in a row, we saw things similar to this done by antifa, and BLM. They were burning down cities, they were coming on to federal ground and doing this as well out in Portland, they overtook a, a police precinct, they overtook a courthouse, I believe it was, correct me if I'm wrong, but they were on federal ground and ceding federal ground. So this situation is not different. They did much worse. Of course, they had a lot more time to do so. But even just in one single riot, they did much worse. They burned down single city entire cities in a single night. They did a lot of bad things. I'm not saying BLM and antifa were worse. I'm not. They were just as bad. Now, as much destruction happened, when you compare it that that way, what happened yesterday in DC was not as bad but as far as evil intentions. As far as crime, they are both crime. They were both handled wrong. This was not an overthrow of a tyranny, government. I understand the frustration from Trump supporters, I get it. But this is not how we act. This is not how it's supposed to be. You know, it's just crazy to me that the democrats can can condemn this though, because for months on end, they allowed antifa and BLM and they even condoned and encouraged antiva and BLM to terrorize the country and destroy cities. And do exactly what what happened yesterday. But just maybe even a very, really was it was much wider spread. So to see the democrats condemning This was wrong. For anyone on the right that is condoning this. I want you to realize that you condemned this when it was happening from people who didn't, who you didn't agree with. Remember that. Now I understand where some are coming from on the right, I understand that. Well, the left set the standards. And you know what I think that is what kind of probably caused some of this, you're going to reach a boiling point when you're, you're fed up with crime. Being unnoticed. Crime going on in the streets and nobody cares. People can donate people worship it. Specifically the Democrats, they worship it. I understand the frustration in that. And I do think that the democrats really provoked a lot of this. I think they were a main factor in provoking this, but it doesn't make it okay.
It was wrong back when BLM and antifa terrorized our country and burned down cities and committed crimes. And it was wrong for any Trump supporter to have terrorized and vandalized and, and done the criminal activity that they did yesterday. All of this was wrong. Both instances both groups are just as wrong. One is not worse than the other one is not better than the other. It was crime. I'm not trying to say that we are better than this. That that's not the message that I'm trying to send out. I just want everyone to realize and wake up. We need to fight for unity. I'm being serious when I say that. I know that's hard to describe. I know that's not something that's easily done. I get all of that. But we do we need to fight for unity. That's the only way we're going to get through any of this and if we don't wake up as Americans as Christians, if we don't wake up and realize what's going on, needs to be addressed. We're going to fall, a passage that came to me. So let me explain this a little bit. I have a few Bible apps on my phone, I didn't know I had this one still installed. But I don't really get notifications from any of them. Especially from the one I know, there's one Bible app, I use it quite often. And I have gotten some notifications. You know, so so I've gotten some notifications from that. But there was a verse that was brought up a verse, I believe, it was like a verse of the day type of notification. But it came up yesterday morning before all of this madness had happened. And the reading was in Mark chapter three, and it was Mark 324, and 25. I'm gonna read that for you. It says, if a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house is divided against itself, the house will not be able to stand. Jesus is talking about those who were coming out against him saying that he was he was Satan himself, he was saying that he was casting out demons. And they were saying, see, he's able to speak to these demons, because he's Beelzebub himself. He's Satan himself. And he explained to them, a kingdom of divided against itself cannot stand. House against itself can't stand. The same being for Satan, Satan can't cast himself out, he's not going to be able to stand. If Satan defeats himself, he's defeated. He's trying to tell him that this is nonsense. But that that point there that he's driving home is that a kingdom against itself? Can't stand? A nation against itself cannot stand. Do you think Jesus had current day America in mind when he said this? It sure feels like, and I posted this on social media to share. Because it was really hitting me all day. I was thinking about that that verse when it when it first popped up on my notifications, I thought, Man, if that's not maybe a little, a little tip from God Himself, I don't know what it is. Because like I said, I never had a notification from that app. At least not that I've noticed, I definitely haven't realized that if there was a notification that popped up. I thought it was crazy that I got this notification. But you know, this is so true today. It feels like especially the you know, really the last four years, maybe even more than that. But especially this past year, it seemed that there's so much division. Starting off the year, you know, there's there was a lot of division that started with COVID. There is a lot of division with some things that were going on in the government, something really revolving around Trump, not to say that Trump to cause the division though, he was definitely a part of some of it.
There is a lot of division among BLM and antifa protesting the idea that was spread out there the false narrative that was spread out there that America has a racist system. All of this was was causing a lot of division. And to remind you, it's not that, you know, one thing started division, and then we moved on from it. And then another division point popped up, no, this was all adding on to each other, we just kept on growing in this division. But then, you know, we move on, throughout time. So BLM and protesting that caused a lot of division and then COVID, how things were dealt with COVID. From the government standpoint, they were that was causing some some division with some of the mandates and things that were put in place, how long that's it's drug on, that that was causing division, just between the people, we have caused division between each other because we are freaking out on each other, whether we're going to wear a mask or not. That's caused a lot of division, the election caused a lot of division, at least, you know, prior to the election leading up to it. After the election, it caused a lot of division, a lot of some of the fraud that was being talked about all of that was causing a lot more division and leading up to yesterday. Non Stop division we keep on building, building building. We're not taking one brick away to add to another. We're creating this huge wall between each other, between the left and the right. That wall needs to be torn down. We need to show love that. That's a message I've tried to bring out many times. But it's never more true than the current time that we're living in. It's never more true than today. Right now, the moment that you were living in right now. We need to spread that love. As Christians we need to wake up and realize there's a lot of division going on. And the reason And while that division is going on is because of a lack of morality, there was a lack of morality in those who are parts of the antifa and BLM rioting. I'm not saying that people who were trying to do something good out of those, because like I've said in the past, I think there were some that were, their intentions were good. The same as yesterday, how there were some Trump supporters whose intentions were good. I think there were some that were maybe protesting with BLM. I don't know if they understood what BLM is or what they stood for. But there I think there was some that were saying that the statement Black Lives Matter is a good statement. It really is. And if you don't agree with that, we need to talk. But I think that there were some that were trying to do good, their intentions were good. But there were some bad apples that spoiled that group. If we don't realize that, that all of this division is going on, we don't start to try to try to spread that love. And as Christians reaching out, making sure people realize what road we're going down. We're going to lead ourselves into wars, we're going to lead ourselves into lots more of this violence. Yesterday, was not the most that you're going to see if we don't stand up and try to spread that message to others. A nation that is against itself cannot stand. Something that Jacob Blake's mother said, back when that incident happened, I believe it was just maybe a day or two a few days after that that incident had happened. For those who don't know what I'm talking about the incident up in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It's becoming vague, and I'll be talking about that again, here soon. But just just some words that that she spread was very inspiring. I loved her message that she came out as her son was in the hospital and critical condition. She came out and said to the people that this nation can be great. I know that that word for where she said we are good. And maybe maybe I'm Miss wording, how she said, she said that this nation cannot be good unless we are good. We cannot let this nation be against the self. And she was using that. She was quoting from this same scripture as well. I commend her for that I commend her for for her words that she spread on that. I know if you back up, I don't remember when that was but I know I did an episode shortly after all that happened. You can listen to a clip of what she was saying there. If you can't find it on YouTube. Go back and listen to that episode, I believe it was it was named something along Jacob Blake. But go back and look at that. Because she had a great message that she came out with her. And it was really inspiring coming from her. But all of this I went on. Ultimately when when it all boils down to it, this was not
an overthrowing of your any government because if it was their message was not spread out. It was just as evil as what conservatives like myself have been preaching against. Through all of the BLM and antifa protesting and writing, not the protesting. Like I said, I think the protesting, there was a lot of good that came out of the there was a lot of good they that was happening there. Maybe not a good cause. But I think there was good good intentions there. But the rioting, that destruction, the vandalism, the terrorizing from BLM and antifa and from Trump supporters, I don't care who you are, I don't care what your intentions are, when you commit a crime. It is wrong. And we need to get away from that. Everyone, I'm encouraging you to make sure that you pray for our country. I know it feels like we're weak, we can't do anything. And that happens all the time. But ultimately, we need to pray for our country. That's the most you can do right now. Don't overlook the importance of prayer. Because I think that that's something that we can overlook so many times, but pray for our country, pray for our leaders pray for our new upcoming leaders, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, pray for them to do everything good, and to help our country. And remember, if you enjoy listening to political insane, make sure to like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and parler. Facebook and Twitter might be going away soon, so make sure to follow us on parlour. Subscribe to our podcast on Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, or pretty much anywhere you listen to podcasts. If you want to help us out greatly give us a five star review on Apple podcasts. And thank you for your support. Till next time.